Istanbul Culture Academy Project

Istanbul Culture Academy Project



Target Audience

Headmen, Employees of Headmen, boards of directors of NGOs, community associations, important people who have been accepted in society, social entrepreneurs, teachers, imams


Purpose of the project

The Istanbul Culture Academy Project has been implemented with the aim of creating a high level of awareness about the historical, cultural and artistic depth of Istanbul, which is not well-known enough to be experienced in it, and to raise cultural ambassadors in this regard. The most important element to be made for this purpose is to "go down to the people."


What's been done?

The Social Mind Association has been a partner in the Istanbul Culture Academy Project, which is organized by the İstanbul Cultural Ambassadors Association. Research meetings, workshops, cultural trips and public seminars were held within the scope of the project on cultural and art associations and the life of urban culture.

As a association, the maximum effort has been made to ensure that cooperation is in the best possible way by actively contributing to the writing, announcement, delegate guidance, elections and execution of activities. The project provided the necessary contribution to participants, while the unspeakable and unlimited energy of collaboration was benefited.


Project partners: Social Mind Association


Project stakeholders: Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Art, Foundation of Science, Thought and Art, Association for Protection and Research of Cultural Heritage


Project Fund Organization: Ministry of Internal Affairs General Directorate of Civil Affairs



Projects that cannot reach the public do not serve the construction of societies in a whole form. Recognizing this reality, the Istanbul Cultural Ambassadors Association aims to mobilize the leading groups of society to bring about the way in which it lives on high standards such as Istanbul, from the ground up and deeply. In this context, the Istanbul Culture Academy Project was carried out. Awareness of Istanbul culture has been created in the target audience of the project. Important feedback has been taken on this issue.

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