Istanbul Cultural Ambassadors Project

Istanbul Cultural Ambassadors Project


Target Audience

International university students, university students,


Objective of the project

The Istanbul Cultural Ambassadors Project is aimed at promoting Istanbul culture, promoting urban culture and strengthening international communication aimed at international students who come to Istanbul for education.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • To overcome cultural inconsistencies
  • To introduce our culture
  • To promote Istanbul
  • To enable guest students to gain experience with different cultures
  • To enable international students to gain different experiences
  • To enable increased cultural interaction between countries


What's been done?

The Istanbul Cultural Ambassadors Project was prepared by the İstanbul Cultural Ambassadors Association. The Social Mind Association has been a partner in the project. The Social Mind Association has contributed actively to the writing, announcement, orientation of participants, elections and activities, making maximum effort to ensure that cooperation is in the best possible way. The project provided the participants with the necessary contribution and improved cooperation.

In the context of the project, the participants were given training and information on six different topics: Seminars, trips, Turkish music, Turkish food, traditional Turkish art and classical Turkish sports for the promotion of Istanbul.


Project partners: Istanbul University and Social Mind Association.


Project stakeholders:Borsa Istanbul, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Beykent Schools, Madame Tussauds Museum, Reform 360, Emek Art and Culture Foundation, Gastronomy Tourism Association, Den Den Yachting, Hafiz Mustafa Tatlıcılık.


Project Fund Foundation: The Ministry of Internal Affairs General Directorate of Civil Affairs



There are about 30 thousand international students from more than 150 countries in Istanbul. These students, who come to Istanbul for university education, have a cultural compatibility problem. After graduating, he cuts off contact with our country. The project was carried out to ensure that the cultural and emotional ties of students living in Istanbul, affecting urban culture, but most importantly, graduate students are continuing with our country. International guest students involved in the project have expressed the impact of the project with their positive feedback.


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