Career Campus Project

Career Campus Project


Target Audience

College students


Objective of the project

There are sixty universities in Istanbul. There are many clubs in these universities. Some of the university clubs are newly established and some are rooted clubs. These clubs are the first NGOs to reach the youth of the university firsthand.

Within the scope of the Career Campus Project, 180 clubs in universities in Istanbul will be divided into different categories such as culture-art, health-sports, design, technology and volunteering. Within these categories, 540 youth from 180 clubs are intended to provide information and seminars on a wide range of topics such as self-development seminars, voluntary work events, club funding, club management and capacity expansion.



Within the scope of the Career Campus Project, the most active club and the two most passive clubs of each university will be reached. Firstly, 180 clubs are organized into 4 different categories according to their interests. It was thought that the chairmen and vice chairmen of the clubs were given conferences on the area they were interested in. Work with experienced figures is planned on how to find financing for clubs, how to manage clubs.

At the end of the project, a large network would be established and events would be announced at other universities. As part of the project, the managers who were trained would increase their capacity and try to better maintain clubs and do more activities. In this way, clubs, which were the first NGOs to which the university student was a member, would be developed and it was aimed that they would do healthier jobs and take part in non-governmental organizations in the future.

However, the Ministry of Youth and Sports - Youth Programs project fund was applied for our project but unfortunately it was not approved!



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