Vefa Career Center Project (VEFAKAR)

Vefa Career Center Project (VEFAKAR)



Target Audience

College youth, high schools, students and graduates of science and education foundation dormitory


Objective of the project

Young people do not spend their university years efficiently. Therefore, they are not able to prepare for the work. Such problems lead to the need of guidance for personal, professional and career development.

The Vefa Career Center Project (VEFAKAR), which was established by the Association of Graduates of Science Foundation, has guided young people in the areas of personality development support, career-oriented training and career planning to address the needs and expectations in this area.


What's been done?

As the Social Mind Association, this project prepared by the Association of Graduates of the Science Foundation has been shared in this project. The project has been successfully completed with trainings, seminars, conferences, panels, workshops to increase the opportunities for young people to pursue careers.

The best effort has been made to ensure the best cooperation by actively contributing to the project's writing, announcement, delegate guidance, selection and execution of activities. The project provided the participants with the necessary contribution, while the association benefited from the synergy of collaboration.


Project partners: The Association of Graduates of Science Foundation, the Foundation for Science and the Social Mind Association.


Project fund organization: Ministry of Interior, General Directorate of Civil Society Relations.



Training, seminars, conferences, panels, workshops are supported to support personality development to address the needs and expectations of young people in the field of careers, career-oriented training and career planning. 


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